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  THE ALABAMA SLAMMERS      2015                             BIG D EAGLES  


  BAMA BEAR                                  2013           STONE COUNTY 'NOLES  

RRIS COUNTY ROWDYS       2012                       TEXAS TWO STEP  
  BAMA BEAR                                  2011                 TEXAS REVOLUTION  

  BAYOU STATE BULLIES             2010                               TEXAS PRIDE  




BAYOU STATE BULLIES            2006                 DESTIN LYNCH MOB   

   DESTIN BULLDOGS                   2005                    DESTIN BULLDOGS  


^ - special 2007 team name dispensation awarded to the Northport Arsenal - Tillman's Heroes

This is the internet home for the Gulf Coast Football Leagues.

The Gulf Coast (Fantasy) Football League was created in 2005.  In 2006, the (original) Gulf Coast Football League returned, and three test leagues, the Old Gulf Coast Football League
(which evolved into the Gulf Coast Rookie League beginning in 2007 and later renamed the Gulf Coast Readiness League in 2011), the Gulf Coast Pick'em League, and the Gulf Coast Survival League, were first presented.  In the offseason of 2009, the Gulf Coast Bracket League was offered on a test basis and accepted as permanent.  In 2012, the Gulf Coast Keeper League debuted, and further leagues are planned for the near future.

Ownership in either the Gulf Coast Football League (GCFL) or the Gulf Coast Readiness League (GCRL) awards exclusive entrance, if desired, into the Gulf Coast Pick'em League (GCPL), the Gulf Coast Survival League (GCSL), and/or the Gulf Coast Bracket League (GCBL).   (more detailed explanation below)


The Gulf Coast Football League is the oldest league in the Gulf Coast Fantasy Football Leagues family.  It was created in 2005 and a 14 game regular season and 3 week playoff season were contested.  The near-complete history of that league is included on its own link below.  It was the intention of the commissioner to invite the same owners to return for the 2006 version of the Gulf Coast Football League, but because of technical problems due to the faults of both the commissioner and the provider, some of said invitations did not occur.  However, one of the other original owners created the Old Gulf Coast Football League separately, and several of the 2005 GCFL owners participated in that league instead.  Since then, the Gulf Coast Football League has been presented mirroring its original form each season.

Beginning with the 2007 season, the Gulf Coast Football League structure mandated strict retension of members (franchises) season-to-season in the following way.  All GCFL playoff teams (top eight finishers) are offered guaranteed league membership the following year.  The bottom 3 to 5 teams, at commissioner's discretion, are relogated to the GCRL.  The GCRL originally stood for the Gulf Coast Rookie League.  At first, the intended name for this league was the Gulf Coast Developmental League but space limitations would not permit that title.  In 2011, the name was changed to the Gulf Coast Readiness League so as not to mislead potential franchise owners.  The same number of teams relogated to the GCRL are invited to "move up" from the GCRL and join the GCFL the following season.  This includes (at least) the GCRL playoff champion and the regular season champion(s).  Other high performing teams are given first chance to "upgrade" to the GCFL in the event an alternate selection must be made or an unexpected space opens up in the GCFL.  All GCRL teams which do not qualify for the GCFL are given first chance after relogators to return to the GCRL for another chance to advance to GCFL status the following season.  After 2006, no teams which did not play in the GCFL or GCRL are eligible for immediate GCFL status, unless not enough teams are available or willing to return for the following season.  Teams may receive exemptions for following seasons in the GCFL and/or GCRL at the sole discretion of the commissioner.  Teams which fail to participate in the entire season of their respective league will not be issued a reinvite the following season to any Gulf Coast League.

Each individual owner is permitted to have only one franchise in the GCFL or one in the GCRL, except in the rare case of a shortfall. 
The commissioner will permanently maintain one team in each league for obvious oversight purposes.  However, in no case, will one owner be allowed to own multiple teams in the same league.  The GCFL and GCRL are set up identically by number of franchises, number of permitted players on a roster, scoring values, and other similar qualifications.  The Yahoo! Fantasy Football League gameplay rules and draft provisions will be utilized. For continuity sake, teams are encouraged to retain their same names in each subsequent season.  Owners in the GCFL (and GCRL) are required to have geographically qualifying names which are totally representative of the Gulf Coast Football League family.  Any franchise owner should represent one of the five Gulf Coast States (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or Florida).  Each franchise name must reflect a city, town, mountain, island, landmark, waterway, ..., within said region.  GCFL and GCRL franchisees automatically earn the right to participate in the GCPL (Gulf Coast Pick'em League) and the GCSL (Gulf Coast Survival League), which are usually created by Yahoo! in early August, and no outsiders will be permitted in these two specialty leagues.   Also, in the spring of 2009 a test league, the GCBL (Gulf Coast Bracket League) was established to relieve the "off season woes" of Gulf Coast franchisees, allowing them to take part in a completely different sport (men's basketball) at a different level (NCAA Division 1).  This test league was also specifically created for GCFL and GCRL franchisees of the previous season.  It was declared a success and now returns each and every offseason.  More information about each of these leagues is available at the respective home pages.  You may click on the links to each of these individual pages below.

The Gulf Coast Keeper League was created in 2012 intended for those owners who have been part of the Gulf Coast Leagues family since the beginning.  By definition, owners get to keep a percentage of their players from one season to the next without penalty.  Partial offline drafts are held to fill the rest of the teams' slots between the time of the NFL draft and the beginning of the NFL season - hopefully before much of the preseason has concluded.  However, earning a space in the GCKL is difficult - but not unprecedented.  Members of the GCKL are expected to maintain a franchise in either the GCFL or the GCRL along with their Keeper League team.  The GCKL is structured differently in several ways - both by reducing the number of teams (12) in a pair of six team divisions and by a non-playoff structure with a 17th week featuring the top team of one division against the top team of the other division, second place vs. second place, and so on.  These games are crucial in helping decide the drafting order for the following season.

Invitations to join the Gulf Coast Football League family are primarily granted through the public forum at the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Page when Fantasy Football signup time is announced.  Recommendations from existing franchise owners are welcomed and given higher priority conditionally if the geographic qualifications are satisfied.  All franchise grants are first come, first serve, but the commissioner reserves the right to dismiss any pre-season franchisee who does not bide by the set forth rules of the GCFL and its associated leagues.

 The tentative offline draft date for the GCFL and the GCRL each year is normally the LAST FRIDAY of the month of August, allowing several preseason games for each NFL team to be played, but also allowing nearly two weeks of team preparation and/or modification prior to the opening week's games.  This date each year will be set by the commissioner.

The Gulf Coast Keeper League drafts are on a different schedule.  Membership in the Gulf Coast Keeper League is only by invitation and exclusively available to the more-permanent Gulf Coast franchisees.

There currently are NO dues, fees, or payments of any kind required to join or maintain a team in a Gulf Coast Football League, nor is the change to otherwise a priority.  Our league's competition is fierce, but when money gets involved, the whole aspect and construct of the game changes, as does (would) the relationship between franchisees.  Are money leagues completely out of the question in the future?  Never say never, but again, money is not currently a driving force (or any kind of force for that matter) in the GCFL and many current franchisees prefer to keep it such.

If you would like more information about the Gulf Coast Football Leagues, or are interested in giving any of them a shot - contact the commissioner via e-mail at


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